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To all our members,

I could really use your help the 4th weekend of September. September 21–23 to be exact. It is our ANNUAL AGILITY WEEKEND. It takes a lot of work to be as successful as we have been.

This year we have moved the venue from Santa Rosa to Rancho Murieta (close to Elk Grove). Why? The hotels were too expensive and Saturday nights were booked for their 3rd annual bicycle race in the vineyards. Also, many people didn’t want to cross several bridges.

Rancho Murieta is a beautiful venue. Plenty of RV parking, and the rooms are quite affordable for our competitors and/or volunteers. There is a snack bar with great food! It’s a beautiful equestrian arena.

As a volunteer, we would be looking for people to bring ICE, Water, and some other hospitality items. We need your help in the different rings, by setting poles when they are dropped by dogs or putting them at new heights when we change classes. Leash runners take the competitors leash and walk it from the start to the finish gate. We need a volunteer at the gate to make sure the competitor(s) are ready when it’s their turn to enter into the ring. It is FUN! So many different breeds and so many people interacting. You will see Master dogs to first timers. It can be quite entertaining.

Agility is a great sport for our active dogs. I do not know an Irish that doesn’t love to jump and run…..this fits right there in their element! Not quite sure if you are ready? We are having a “B” Match on Friday night after the trial is over.

What is a “B” Match? You pay ahead or at the gate and you can choose 1 or both rings to practice a course. Timed by members and volunteers. No food in the ring, but you can use toys.

You will find that the agility community is very welcoming and helpful in answering questions.

Contact me with ANY questions and of course to volunteer, Thank you!

Margaret Norris
(925) 525 4525
Agility Chairperson

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