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December 2022

Dearest Members,

December has arrived, the holidays are here and I want to wish all of you a safe holiday season for you, your family and of course, your pets.

As we wind up the year, it gives me time to reflect on a memorable year for our club. We were able to once again have our spring specialty, fall specialty, scent work, awards ceremony with a grooming demonstration by Cindy Stanford and CGC testing by Patty Aronica, hunt test, a horseback field trial and ending up with our walking field trial last weekend. We are a small club with big aspirations and wonderful members. Next year, at our annual awards day, we will be offering, for the first time ever, a member volunteer award. Your board wants to recognize those members that constantly volunteer to make our events happen and excel. The requirements are that this person will be voted for by you, the membership. Who do you know that not only helps in their area of expertise, but reaches out to support the club in other venues as well. Put your thinking caps on now, we are very excited to award this particular award.

Last weekend we held our Walking Field Trial at Quail Point Hunt Club. This was the first time I have chaired a field trial, and trust me, I learned a lot. Although I have chaired Hunt Tests in the past, this was a very different experience for me. Cindy Smullen volunteered to be Chair for us, and I can’t thank her enough for all of her expertise. She was also able to run two of her dogs, and got placements on both. Yea Cindy!. Dave and Cathy Michels and Vickie Tompkins were a HUGE help, making sure I got all the paperwork and people lined up and ready to go, and Dave also judged for us as well as helped set up the field. Thank you, Dave, and thank you Cathy for finding beautiful antler whistles for judge gifts. I was told by one of our judges that our gifts were the nicest he had ever received. Thanks Cathy. Ty and Linda Mitchell showed up Friday night ready to hit the fields. Linda is an incredible line marshal and kept everything running smoothly. Ty judged for us and was also able to run his own dog and earned a ribbon! Congratulations Ty and Mic.

I had always wondered about the judging for a walking field trial vs a horseback trial, Ty was able to provide some excellent insight from a judge’s point of view. Thank you to both Ty and Linda. Dave Nelson drove from Reno to judge for us, and even provided an additional horse for another one of our judges. Thank you, Dave, it was nice to get to know you and your sense of humor. Roger Poole was our 4th judge. I had never met him prior to this trial and I must say, he was a delight to work with. Not only does Roger judge and do hunt events, he also shows in conformation and obedience. Thank you, Roger! Thanks also goes out to Ann Smith. Ann has posted pictures and final placements on our club Facebook Page, thank you Ann.

In the past, Quail Point has been able to rent ATVs for us to use for bird planting. This year, their inventory was low and they were not able to rent ATV’s. But once again, one of our club members stepped up to save the day. A HUGE thank you to Ed Meyer for driving to Zamora from Shingle Springs, borrowing a trailer, and delivering his beautiful Polaris for us to use. He was also able to run his dog. I must say, I did fall in love with his Polaris. Ed and I were able to surprise John, telling him I had traded the Polaris for his 1967 GTA Mustang convertible. Ed and I got a laugh, but John didn’t seem to share in our mirth. I also want to thank Pam Warner for providing lunch on Saturday. Her turkey sandwiches and cookies were definitely a huge hit. Pam also was able to run her girl Chloe in the trial, so a good time was had by all. Lastly, thank you to my better half, John. Not only did he expertly plant birds all weekend long, but when Caitlyn Glick showed up on Sunday, she was ready and willing to learn the art of bird planting. By the end of the day, she was planting birds like a pro! Thank you, John and Caitlyn!

As I wrap up the last President’s report of the year, I want to reflect upon those members whom we lost this year. Please take a minute to reflect on their friendship and wish their families prayers, as the holiday season is always particularly difficult after losing someone you love.

Happy Holidays, hope to see you at a Club event next year!

Sandy Barrett

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