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July 2020

Dearest Members,

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you are enjoying some virtual fireworks with a side of virtual picnicking with family and friends!

As summer gets underway, there seems to be a lot of things opening up. AKC has left the decision to host dog shows up to the individual clubs. Although in theory this sounds great, in practicality it basically leaves us where we were prior to this decision. The board talked about it at our June meeting, but the reality was just too risky. But we did give it the old college try.

According to AKC, our club is required to have a certain number of General Meetings a year. Due to COVID, we have been unable to do so. So, what we have decided to do, is to try using Zoom. Personally, I’m not a “Zoomie” so we are going to do a trial run using Zoom for our next board meeting. If we are successful, I will be sending an email out to all members giving you the log in information along with the time and date. If you have something you would like to be added to the agenda, please email me as soon as you can.

As we enter the summer season, many of you will begin taking walks with your dogs. If you are going to be in fields and or hiking trails, don’t forget to check yourselves and your dogs for ticks. I saw this article on the AKC website, and thought it was worth passing on. I am not endorsing all the protocol they have provided, I only thought it worth passing on for you to make your own decisions as to what works best for you and your dogs.

In closing, stay safe and give your dogs all a big hug,

Sandy Barrett

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