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May 2022

Dearest Members,

May is in the air! Which means, lots of allergies, sunshine, water conservation, field events and Dog shows! As I reflect on last month’s report, I needed to add a few items regarding our Spring Specialty in Dixon. The weather cooperated, and the dogs were BEAUTIFUL! I once again want to thank those people who helped make this event possible: Peggy Davis and Jackie Allen for Chairing and getting trophies for Saturday. Carolyn and Dave Benjamin for doing trophies on Sunday, what a big help to me as chairperson. To Cindy Stanford for ordering lunches each day for judges and making sure they were there in a timely manner. To Janet and Gary Hylton for being event chair and making sure the trailer not only got to the site safely, but helping to set up the grounds. To the Ground Chair, John Barrett and his crew: Peter Warner, Gordon Smith, Ed Meyer, Dave Benjamin. I’m not sure that everyone knows how important the grounds crew is. They show up on Thursday, the day before the show to make sure the rings, tables and tents are ready for the first day. This is a time when people are arriving and wanting to set up their own sites, but the crew takes care of the club first. In addition, on Sunday afternoon, when people are in a hurry to get home, they are always the last ones to go. They make sure all club items are properly returned to the trailer, make sure the bathrooms are cleaned, all trash is put in large bins and the cans turned upside down. Ed Meyer didn’t have a dog entered, and he still drove the 2 hours out of his way to help out. Ann & Gordon Smith drove for over 4 hours, but still made time to make sure the club would have a nice show. A huge thank you to all who helped this specialty be a special event. Oh, I almost forgot, if you placed in sweeps, you should have received a check from the Superintendent for your placement prize. Usually, this is given at the show, but due to a small hick-up, she needed to mail them instead. If you did not get your check, please let the show chairperson know. Also, if anyone found a Roger Kibbee wire brush from the 2016 National, it could be mine, would love to get it back.

Our June National is just around the corner, and the premium list is on the ISCA website. While some club members are in Colorado at the National, our club will have a supported entry at Woofstock; be sure to get your entries in before they close. Your Board is also actively looking at some changes to our, “Fun-A-Fair”, and would appreciate hearing from those of you with ideas. We are still looking at Quail Point as the venue, but need to hammer out a few of the details. We will keep you informed. If you would like to be involved, please let me know.

As always, hug those red dogs and enjoy Spring!

Be sure to hug those red dogs,
Sandy Barrett

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Sandy Barrett
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